1. Marlinda Davis

    Oh wow! I had no idea that there were so many ways to make coffee, lol. I have heard that the french press makes superior coffee but I just stick with my automatic coffee maker for now.

    As I get older I am growing to like (not be addicted to) coffee more so I might start trying out some of these other methods and different types as well. My dad and I used to drink coffee together but he only likes one kind. I like different flavors though.

    tfs 🙂

    • Tej

      Hi Marlinda,

      That’s great you are thinking about trying out some of these other methods. The best way to find out the perfect blend that’s right for you is by experimenting with different brewing methods and different flavours.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Darren

    I’m a huge fan of coffee and love to try different coffees made in different ways. I’m not really into the drip coffee makers, but the French press method is a real winner for me. The cold brew method sounds interesting. I’d definitely like to try that. Some food for thought after reading this…Hmm.

    • Tej

      I agree with you as well Darren – the French press method is a real winner for me as well. Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate the comments. 🙂

  3. Netta

    Hey Tej:

    Thanks for the ways of coffee-brewing. I am especially fond of the French Press and least pleased with the instant coffee. The Aeropress is a new one for me and one I think I would like to try. Less acidic is a good thing. Some of my favorite teas are best brewed cold, but I’ve never thought to try coffee. I will!

    This looks like a lot of fun!

    • Tej

      Hey Netta,

      I totally agree with you, I’m fond of the French Press as well. Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  4. John

    right now I still have to traditional drip coffee machine, but I’m pretty sure I am getting a Keurig soon. This article was very informative on how different brewing methods affects taste and even levels of caffeine. Have you ever had a nitro brew? Its basically a cold brewed coffee, infused with nitrogen. I highly recommend it!
    Thanks again


    • Tej

      Hi John, glad you found the article helpful. I have never had a nitro brew, but it sounds really interesting! I will be sure to try it out.

      Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

  5. Mario

    Hello Tej,

    Thanks for the great post and website. I have always been aware of several brewing methods but not in the detail you provided. It really broke things down just as the roast did. I though you had great content with picture that keep me focused on the topic. Your menu had great topics but I just wanted to say as a reader and someone who enjoys coffee but not on the extreme level I was hoping for some recipes. I am not sure how long you have had the site though the content seems be substantial but I hope that is something you get going soon. For those of us who enjoy coffee that would be a page that would really draw me into coming back to your site to see the latest coffee buzz drink.
    Great site and really enjoyed it. Will save the link.


    • Tej

      Hi Mario, I’m glad you enjoyed the article and are enjoying the website.

      I’ve been working on the website for about three to four months part-time and that’s mostly the reason why I haven’t been able to add as much content as I would have liked to at this point. I do try and work on some part of the site everyday. 🙂

      Thanks so much for your feedback – it means a great deal. The recipes section is the one section to which I haven’t devoted much time. I do have some cool recipes and I will be sure to add them to the site shortly.



  6. Adrian

    There were some methods of brewing coffee that I wasn’t aware of like the Chemex and the Aeorpress method and I do like how you set out and explained each of the methods for coffee brewing.

    I favour using an espresso machine using coffee beans, for me, this brings out a great flavour and it’s hot and strong which is just the way I like it in the morning.

    I do drink instant coffee throughout the day and I have found you can get some strong coffee especially on the freeze dried brands like Moccona.

    I’ve enjoyed your post and it must be time for another cup of coffee.

    • Tej

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post Adrian. I drink instant coffee from time to time but I haven’t really found a strong instant brand that I enjoy. I’m really intrigued by Moccona, I think I will try that one out.

      Thanks for your comment – I really appreciate it.

  7. Joey P

    I live in Puerto Rico, so coffee is a big part of our culture. Over here they use something called a “greca”, I have no idea what it called in English. Basically, it’s a pot. It’s divided into sections. The top part is where you place your coffee grind and the bottom part is for the water. The water reservoir is tightly screwed to the upper part of the pot then placed on the stove, and then the magic happens. Anyway, have you ever heard of Grecas? Have you used one? I think it would make a nice addition to your article.

    • Tej

      Interesting, I have never heard of Grecas. I will definitely look into this and I agree that it will make a nice addition to the website.

      Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. audra

    I’m an old school coffee drinker, boil the jug, and put hot water in the mug, with a tsp of coffee, sugar, and milk. Reading your site learning about the diffrent ways to make it, and what to use was great. I’ve always wanted to try the diffrent ways, now with a better knowledge thanks to you I think i’ll give it a go, thank you.

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