1. Jodes

    I have a coffee pod machine at home and I had to put it away, the coffee is that good and that easy to make I found my coffee consumption almost doubled, and I am no small amount of coffee person to begin with. Being a shift worker I found that I could quite easily be having 6 plus cups a day so my partner has banned me until such time I can control myself. I recommend them, lovely coffee and super quick and super easy!

  2. Gary

    I’m the only person in my home who drinks coffee and I usually only drink 2 or 3 cups. My single serve coffee maker makes it easy to get a good cup of joe without making an entire pot.

    Because I’m always working on a writing project, I’m often a bit absent minded. To keep from burning down the house, I’ve become dependent on appliances that turn themselves off automatically.

    That’s the second thing I love about my single serve coffee maker. I put the coffee and water in the machine and turn it on and it does the rest, including turning itself off.

    • Tej

      Hi Gary,

      That’s one feature of the latest single serve coffee makers that I also enjoy. The fact that these machines turn themselves off is such a big plus – especially now a days when everyone is so busy.

      One of the biggest pluses that I enjoy about the single serve coffee maker is the fact that you don’t need to make an entire pot of coffee, just so you can have one cup. This also works out great if you have multiple people in the household that enjoy drinking different flavours or brands of coffee.

      Appreciate the comments and thanks for dropping by.

  3. Dan

    Enjoyed your review of the single serve coffee makers and how they work. I never really considered the amount of waste before, but your right it is a lot more waste(plastic) with using these single server. That plastic is then around for thousand of years. Just for one cup of go-go juice. Seems like to big of waste to me. Thanks enjoy your eye opening post.

    • Tej

      Hi Dan,

      This is probably, in my opinion, the biggest disadvantage for single serve coffee makers. When you think about how many single serve coffee makers are in the market and how many pods are thrown away after brewing a cup of coffee, it makes you think about the environmental impacts.

      The good news is that I’ve read that recyclable pods are in development. Some single serve machines also provide a way for you to put your own coffee grinds into a reusable plastic pod. So as a consumer, there are ways that we can do our part.

      Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for dropping by.

  4. I didn’t have a coffee maker at home, though I wish I would get one too, If I ever moved to a bigger house with a bigger kitchen.

    Although it’s creating waste as in the pods that are discarded, it’s still not worse than having instant coffee packs.

    When it comes to coffee maker, my main consideration will be the cost and the quality of the coffee.

    I guess this will cause a fraction of those coffee makers that comes with blender.

    • Tej

      Hi Kenny,

      There are many factors that come into play when thinking about purchasing a coffee maker. As you mentioned, price and the quality of coffee are important. Size also comes into consideration as well. Although there are smaller versions of single serve coffee makers, you might also want to look at other methods of brewing coffee such as a French Press. The equipment is much smaller but the drawback is that you have to grind the beans yourself and it takes a little longer to brew however the coffee has a much better taste to it.

      Thanks for dropping by.


  5. Ray

    Hi Tej,

    I’ve always been interested in buying a single serve coffee maker, and still haven’t decided whether to buy one or not. So this article helps, thank you. It’s good to know the pro’s and con’s, especially the used pods that are not environmentally friendly, something that every should be aware of.

    Like you and your wife have different preferences, I personally like to try a different coffee each day – dark roast, medium, flavoured, depending how I feel on the day. So a single serve coffee maker may be really advantageous for me, without leaving many bags or different coffee beans opened in the cupboard for a long time.

    Thanks again for the great article.

  6. isaac

    I’ve used these single serve coffee machines in a hotel before. It’s easy to use and made quite delicious coffee. At that time I was just following the instruction of putting the pod into the machine, press just one button and it’s done. But I never know that hot water will put into the plastic pod. That’s actually quite harmful because plastic can’t stand that heat and simmer chemicals will end up into our cup…

    • Tej

      You really have brought up an excellent point. I’ve read that the makers of certain single serve coffee makers claim that their pods are BPA free. I will certainly look into this for a future post.

      Thank you for dropping by and for the feedback.

  7. Gabriela

    I have a love hate relationship with the Keurig I’ve been using for a couple years. The k cups are expensive to keep buying but it’s so convenient and modern to use this instead of a regular coffee pot. I’m considering keeping both in the kitchen so I can switch things up.

    • Tej

      Great point. I also keep different brewing machines at home to mix things up a bit as well. You will definitely notice a difference in the quality of your coffee when you brew it using the Keurig versus a regular coffee pot.

      Thanks for dropping by and for commenting.

  8. Tina

    i don’t have a single serve coffee maker, but I have manual espresso machine from Saeco. I drink coffee every day, so I use it a lot. It makes delicious coffee.
    I liked your review. I have always thought that single serve coffee makers are to expensive to use, but I agree that there is no mess, no need for cleanup after brewing your coffee. And they are also easy to use. Maybe in the future I will buy one.
    Can you make tea in this machine? Can you buy tea pods instead of coffee ones?

    • Tej

      Hi Tina,

      Yes, you can absolutely make tea using the single serve machines. You can purchase tea pods which make a really nice tea. Alternatively, you can run the machine without any pod which makes a really hot cup of water and have a tea bag steep in the hot water. I use both ways to make tea with my single serve coffee maker. 

      Thank you for your comments. 


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