1. Edwin

    Hi there,

    What is better than a perfectly brewed cup of coffee first thing in the morning? 2 cups…lol

    Thank you for the great tips!
    Especially wetting the filter before inserting, and my favorite is to stir the coffee once brewed.
    We tend to overlook the simple, yet important things
    to perfect “A Nice Cup of Java”.

    Can coffee beans be stored in the fridge or freezer to maintain freshness?


    • Tej

      Hi Edwin, that was a good one.

      There are two points of view of whether or not coffee beans can be stored in the freezer to maintain freshness. Some people say that we shouldn’t do it and other live by it. The National Coffee Association recommends to only store coffee beans in the freezer for 30 days. If you do decide to store the coffee beans in the freezer – I would suggest using an air-tight container or bag so that no moisture can get through.

      Hope that helps. Thanks for dropping by.


  2. Robert

    Love coffee and have tried different methods.

    I do have a drip coffee make that get used occasionally and definitely need your tips.

    It appears the the basics I have not done for “A Nice Cup of Java” and certainly need that when I am camping or traveling.

    Really like the simple mention of wetting the filter and stirring afterwords. As you mentioned that certainly could make a difference. Thank You.

    Is there a particular coffee variety that you have found that works best?

    • Tej

      Actually, I haven’t found one particular variety that works best – it can be used almost with any variety of coffee. I’ve tried many varieties including a Tim Horton’s blend and a Timothy’s blend using the tips found in this post and every time I brewed my coffee using the automatic drip machine the coffee turned out really good as compared to how I used to brew my coffee before. 

      Thanks for commenting.



  3. Alejandra

    Nothing better than a good cup of coffee in the morning!
    So hard to get when you’re in a hurry to get on time to the office, lol.
    Thanks so much for sharing your great tips about wetting the filter and stir the coffee once brewed.
    I also read on one of your comments reply it’s a good idea to keep the coffee beans in the freezer for only 30 days, so I guess I better get some more coffee beans next time I go to the grocery store.

    • Tej

      Hi Alejandra,

      I’m glad you found the article helpful. 🙂

      I try to give as many tips as I can so that people can enjoy coffee to the fullest. Thanks for commenting. 

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