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  1. Jim

    I am a died-in-the-wool Maxwell House coffee drinker with an occasional foray into Hawaiian Kona Coffee and a few others.

    Once, I even had a chance to taste Kopi Luwak. Now, you can get it fairly cheap at Walmart but, it is not the same as the original, which comes directly from Indonesia…and is way too expensive for my wallet.

    Many years ago, I threw away my coffee maker for two reasons: 1) It didn’t make good coffee and 2) within a week or so after the warranty expired, the heating element stopped working…requiring me to purchase a new one.

    Now, all my coffee is brewed with a percolator only. I can control the brew both by temperature and time…and, it makes the cheapest coffees taste full bodied and fresh!

    I really liked your article…and, I appreciate the insight you presented into “cupping”…I never knew that coffee tasting process.


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