1. Matt

    Hey Tej, great review. I hear you when you say you don’t have time in the morning for a long brew. The capsule machines are definitely the way to go. They are much quieter too, which is important if you have sleeping kids etc. In Australia I pay roughly $4 for a medium barista made coffee. Sometimes I have more than 1 per day. So the savings really add up. Will the choices of coffee for this machine increase in the future?
    Cheers Matt

    • Tej

      Hey Matt. I have to agree with you that the single serve machines have a lot of advantages – especially in that they are much quieter. And you are right that the savings really do add up.

      As far as the choices for coffee go, I’m hoping that they do increase. From what I’ve read recently consumers were not happy when they found out that the Keurig 2.0 only brews official K-Cups which is the reason why Keurig brought out the My K-Cup 2.0 reusable coffee filter. This is a place where you can place and brew your own preferred ground coffee beans. Personally I haven’t been affected by the lack of choices but if i did have a favourite brand that I couldn’t brew, I would be dissappointed.

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and for commenting.

  2. Bala

    Hi Tej,
    Nice to read from your post. I have been looking for a coffee maker actually for sometime. Have not heard about Keurig K200 before this, but after reading through your post I may consider.
    But just wondering, how often do you actually have to change the coffee filter? I drink for about 5 to 6 cups a day, if how often I will need change this.

    • Tej

      Hi Bala,
      That is a very good question. Keurig recommends that the water filter be changed every 1,000 ounces that flow through the system.

      Hope this helps out. Thanks for dropping by and for commenting.


  3. Jim

    Hi Tej, so my wife and I consider ourselves coffee fanatics! I too drink between 3 and 5 cups a day and because we have an electric percolator we usually end up making a second pot later in the day. The problem with this is that so much coffee goes to waste. I really like this review and it’s definitely giving me some things to think about. Coffee isn’t cheap anymore especially Arabica so this may very well be a great way to save on the waste. Thanks again!

  4. Ciara

    I really liked reading your Keurig 200 Review. I usually brew my coffee in a french press, but lately, I’ve been getting tired of waiting for it to steep and cleaning it out when I’m in a rush in the morning. I would highly consider this coffee maker as I value having a little extra time in the morning. Buying the pods at a wholesale place like Costco is another great way to save money on coffee, too! The only concern I have is the waste that it produces. Do you know if the pods can be recycled? Thanks for your article!

    • Tej

      Hi Ciara,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I too was concerned about the waste as well but Keurig has recently introduced recyclable K-Cups. This certainly makes me feel better about brewing coffee using their machines and knowing that I’m doing my part not to harm the environment.

      Thanks for dropping by and for commenting.



  5. Lorrie

    I learned a lot about Keurig by reading this article. I have thought about buying one, but have hesitated because I tend to drink up to two cups of coffee in the morning. The Keuring K200 seems to be pretty easy to use and looks like it could fill a to-go cup, which will help me reduce my Starbucks spending.

    I will look further into to Keuring and am more likely to buy one now.


    • Tej

      Hi Lorrie, glad you found the article helpful. The Keurig K200 is very easy to use and it can definitely be used to fill a to-go cup. It actually can be used to brew a multiple cups of coffee in a carafe as well – so it’s also great for those that enjoy multiple cups of coffee in the morning.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Elan

    Your review is very good. Nice and thorough with all the ins and outs of the Keurig machine. The sections of the blog post were broken into very manageable chunks which made for easy reading. I am not a personally a huge coffee drinker for various health reasons but Keurig is an especially popular brand with a very wide customer base.  All in all, excellent post with really nice written content.

  7. Maureen

    Hi Tej I have to agree with you the Keurig Coffee Maker makes an excellent cup of coffee but seeing I am a tea drinker that is what I am more interested in. I have a Tassimo and it makes a lousy cup of tea. I like my tea made in a nice china pot, you just can’t beat it.
    So image my surprise when I was visiting my aunt and she made me a cup of tea with her Keurig and it was actually quite good. I just assumed all these coffeemakers would not make a good cup of tea but I was so wrong.
    I would definitely gives this coffeemaker a big thumbs up!

  8. Louise

    This sounds like a really good coffee machine and seems good value for money? I’ve been thinking about getting a new coffee machine recently. However, the thing that puts me off is the fact that the pods are often on-recyclable and use a lot of plastic!

    I’ve heard that some companies are going to start (or have already) making pods from gorse etc. You mention about the recyclable filter – does this apply to the pods on this machine too? Thanks.

    • Tej

      Hi Louise, 

      The recyclable filter essentially fits into the area where you would place the pod (after you remove the original piece). The nice thing about the recyclable filter is that it allows you to grind your favorite coffee beans and then use the Keurig machine to brew the coffee. I’ve seen pods in the market which are recyclable so Keurig has introduced them recently. I’m glad they did – that way we will be able to protect the environment as well.

      Thanks for commenting and dropping by.



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