1. Tar

    Hello Tej,

    It seems that temperature is underrated. That people tend to ignore and instead, they always think of other factors such as the quality of beans for example.

    I like to switch places (cafes) to try different their coffee menus. More, I tend to switch on what I have such as from americano to flat white. Mentioning starbucks, here in Brunei where I am currently, it’s relatively quiet most of the times which I think it’s because locals prefer local cafes producing great brewed coffee.

    • Tej

      Hi Tar,

      Yes, you are absolutely right. People tend to focus on other factors when they think of what makes a great cup of coffee and often ignore the importance of water.

      That’s really interesting to hear your observation about Starbucks It seems like the local cafes focus more on quality than quantity and the customers appreciate that.

      Thanks for your comments and for dropping by. Cheers,


  2. Ha

    Thank you for sharing the water temperature tid bit for brewing coffee. I did not know that. I shall pay attention to the water temperature in the future.

    I wonder if the flavor is impacted when it becomes iced coffee?

    • Tej

      I am glad you found the article helpful and you have some really good points. Iced coffee can take anywhere from a few hours to days in order to brew and the resulting taste is a more sweeter product. 

      Thanks for dropping by and for commenting.

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