1. Reyhana

    I alternate between decaf and regular coffee, depending on how I feel on a particular day. If I feel really groggy or have not had a good night’s sleep, then I definitely will go for regular coffee. But if I feel fine but still want some coffee on my tongue, then I would go for the decaf.

    Your explanation of using solvents really scared me at first and I thought of really stopping to drink decaf. But by the end, I was relieved to know that the process to make decaf coffee has improved and it has become safer.

    But my question is, if I don’t drink coffee everyday and I want to go as natural as possible, is it better to drink regular coffee? I don’t have hypertension.

    • Tej

      I agree with you, I also felt that way when I learned that solvents were being used in decaf but the process has changed a lot since then and is much safer today.

      If you are trying to go as natural as possible you can still drink regular coffee. Studies have shown that a moderate amount of caffeine is actually good for you. The problem occurs when you drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day.

      Hope this helps and thanks for commenting.

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