1. Missey

    Thank you for the information, I had no idea what an espresso was till now!
    Do you know what region the espresso came from? Because you stated it was introduced to the west.

    I really liked all the details you provided at the end of the post about the foam, I never knew that foam could be so informative.
    One of my favorite kinds of coffee is a caramel macchiato and then a Frappuccino blended.

    This was truly a wonderful learning experience.
    Have you tried an espresso before?

    • Tej

      I am glad you like the article and found it informative. 

      Espresso was invented in Italy and one of the really cool things I learned was that the Italian government adopted espresso as a way to reduce the amount of time taken for a coffee break (since espresso is intended to be taken down as a shot).

      I have tried espresso but I prefer to stick with the espresso based drinks. I really enjoy cafe Americano and Frappuccinos.

      Thank you so much for commenting.

  2. Louise

    I think your website’s information is great! You are very informative and go into great depth. I really think you’ve put a lot of thought into your website!

  3. Ben

    A very interesting article – the information about the ‘crema’ was entirely new to me!

    Based on the great how-its-brewed information you have shared, I wonder what your thoughts are on the stove-top pot methods of making espresso? A fair bit of pressure and steam are produced in the process, but based on what you’ve shared, can I still produce an optimal espresso this way?

    Cheers! Ben

    • Tej

      Hi Ben,

      Thank you for your comments. From my experience, it is possible to make a decent espresso using stove-pot methods like a Moka pot. You will still get a fairly strong cup of coffee however these machines don’t produce enough pressure to make the thick, top layered cream that you will see done by the professional machines.



  4. Daniella

    Hi Tej,

    Great article, I’ve found it very interesting!
    My husband and I love espresso:) Every morning we have our cup of espresso. It is so delicious! We don’t brew our coffee because we don’t have the time but we use capsules that we put in the machine, and it does the espresso. However, a good friend of us brews his coffee. He buys real coffee in grain, and then he put it in a machine for few hours, and when it’s ready, he makes delicious espressos. I will show him this article. I am sure he will love it!
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Tej

      Hi Daniella,

      I’m glad you liked the article and thank you for sharing it with your friend. 🙂

      Hope you have a great day,


  5. Barb

    Hi! Thanks so much for this delightful and informative article on espresso.

    I love espresso and tend to drink Americano (espresso & hot water) as my main coffee fix.

    You mention that espresso is a blend of several roasts to create a bold flavor. Would they not all be dark roast?

    Also, is there a particular region that produces the best espresso?

    • Tej

      Hi Barb, I’m glad you enjoyed the article on espresso. You ask a very good question. Most people think that espresso is made only from dark roast and in some cases it is. But espresso can be and often is made of any kind of roast. In fact, most coffee bars serve 70/30 or 80/20 (natural/dark roast blends).

      I’m not aware of any one region that produces the best espresso although there are many such as Brazil, Columbia and Costa Rico.

      Hope this helps. Thank you for dropping by and for commenting.

  6. Rab

    Hi, great article!

    I am an avid fan of espresso drinks but not the pure espresso shot. I’ve tried taking a shot once and did not like it at all!

    Do you like drinking pure espresso shots? I can’t seem to have it pure, but I like it when it is incorporated in my iced vanilla latte.

    • Tej

      Hi Rab, 

      I don’t mind drinking pure espresso shots but like you, I also prefer when they form part of another drink like the latte or cafe Americano. 

      Thanks for dropping by and for commenting.

  7. Tabsmark

    Oh my! I am really a coffee girl. Who knew espresso was the base ingredient for other coffee drinks?!! It looks like I have been pronouncing espresso wrong too – lol.. I did so enjoy the read and coffee foam has a whole new meaning to me now. Many struggle with the caffeine overload and can’t sleep if they have coffee at night. Fortunately this isn’t the case with me – how about you?

    • Tej

      I’m the same way. I can have a coffee at 8 pm and still go to sleep 2-3 hours later. I know some of my friends have that problem – if they drink a coffee at even 6pm they can’t go to sleep at all.

      Glad you liked the article and thanks for commenting.

  8. Ed

    Hi Tej,

    Lots of new information here on one of my favorite coffee brews “What Is Espresso?”.

    I like a Cappuccino when done right, the proper ratio of fresh espresso to steamed milk and milk froth. 1/3 of each.

    During my extensive travels around the world, I was introduced to espresso, first in France and then in other countries. I have been an avid fan ever since.

    Do you make espresso at home or buy from commercial places? If at home, what coffee machine do you find makes the best espresso? If at a commercial establishment, where?


    • Tej

      Hi Ed,

      I actually buy espresso or espresso based drinks from commercial places. My favourite place to buy espresso is Starbucks since you can buy espresso or espresso based drinks such as the cafe Americano which is one of my favourites. 🙂

  9. Alejandra

    Hi Tej,
    Thanks for taking the time to write a great article about what is espresso.
    Little I knew about how an espresso is made, I’ve tasted it before but I pay little attention on how it was made.
    I find it a little strong for me, but I love to have a good cup of capuccino.
    Some capuccinos are good but some are excellent!
    Every time I go to Mexico, I can have some great capuccinos prepared by good baristas!
    Your website is great and it shares lots of good knowledge about coffee!!

    • Tej

      Hi Alejandra,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and the website. Thanks for taking the time to comment.



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