1. Victor

    Hey Tej, I had no idea paper and metal filters had different effects on coffee. We are huge coffee drinkers at home and our brewer has a metal filter, we figured since we had that we didn’t need a paper one at all, never really considered the effects filtration could have, this just opened my mind to trying paper filters with all my different coffees and see if it will taste better, thanks for the information!

  2. Chris Towers

    Great information here thank you.

    I personally much prefer filtered coffee as opposed to instant coffee and i do use the metal filter.

    To be honest I never looked into the finer details but went for the metal option as to avoid keep buying the paper ones.

    The main reason for this is of course the money in the long run, but with the paper filters i was always running out and it was always the thing i forgot to buy in the supermarket!

    Looking into these finer details though gave me some knowledge about the difference between the two!

    Many thanks!


    • Tej

      Hi Chris,

      My preference is filtered coffee as well over the instant coffee. I find personally that instant coffee is okay every now and then but the taste, texture and strength do not compare with filtered coffee.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comments. I am glad you enjoyed the post.



  3. Riaz Shah

    Hey Tej,
    I actually prefer metal but I have no idea that the filters with paper can reduce cholesterol! In my house we have like 8 people living and everyone drinks one to two cups a day.

    Its a huge decision to think of when deciding on the paper cups because although they are biodegradable, aren’t they made up from trees that are cut down?

    • Tej

      Hey Riaz,

      Yes, you are right in that paper filters are made from trees that are cut down. Unfortunately that is one of the disadvantages of paper filters – the harm to the environment. For that reason some people opt to go for the metal filters instead. Another thing people may do to get around this is to purchase filters made from bamboo sticks.

      Thanks for commenting and dropping by Riaz.

  4. Jeremy

    Very informational article. This is something that I have never really thought about. I drink a lot of coffee, and have always used paper filters. I have seen the metal ones but never thought twice about buying one. It just doesn’t seem like it would be very easy to clean out.

  5. BabyTuque

    For me, it all comes down to taste. I haven’t experimented enough to taste the difference between metal and paper coffee filters. I’m sure the true connoisseurs can tell.

    There’s probably even a difference in taste when using bamboo over traditional paper.

    And what about Melitta? I wonder if she patented her invention and bought herself some fancy java with all those royalty checks.

    • Tej

      You are absolutely right – it all comes down to taste. The kind of coffee that one person likes may not be how someone else prefers to drink their coffee. It’s all about experimenting and finding the combination that works for you.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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